Junk Light Affects Us All

Our mission to raise awareness about the junk light problem, and to help people decipher between healthy and harmful lighting so that they can live a healthier life.

What is Junk Light?

Junk Light is man-made light with blue and green hues that tells your body it’s a different time of day than it actually is. Think: fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, and any digital device with an LED screen. 


Why is it called junk light, and why is it such a problem?

Our society no longer solely relies on the rise and fall of the sun, or fire, to brighten our surroundings. Over time, we have shifted from distinct waking hours and time for sleeping to an always-on culture that encourages us to keep the lights on. 
Junk light is everywhere — in our homes, in our places of work, at the gym, in malls, and throughout airports. We also have the power to take technology on-the-go wherever we are with the advent of smartphones, tablets and computers.  From the time you wake up in the morning and roll over to check your email to the moment you turn off Netflix in bed at night time, you’re constantly exposed to artificial light. Theoretically, longer hours of light could make humans more productive if they have increased output; however, overexposure to junk light can have detrimental (short-term and long-term) effects on human health. 

How You Can Help

  • Change the lighting in and around your home (be mindful of the animals and wildlife outdoors too)  
  • Encourage your employer to invest in healthy lighting in the office  
  • Encourage your neighborhood/city to invest in healthy street lighting  
  • Avoid using bright lights on beaches, especially at night time  

How to Protect Your Health

  • Try to limit exposure to LED screens that emit blue light  
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses that protect your eyes, mind and body from the effects of artificial lighting  
  • Use TrueDark Dots to cover up the obnoxious lights found on power sources and electronic devices throughout your home  

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